'Satya 2' Review: Failed Sequel

Movie: Satya 2
Rating: 1.5/5
Mumaith Media And Entertainments Pvt Ltd
Cast: Sharwanand, Anaika Soti, Mahesh Thakur, Aradhana Gupta, Raj Premi etc
Music: Amar Mohile
Cinematographer: Vikas
Producer: Sumanth Kumar Reddy
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Release Date: 08/11/2013
Ram Gopal Varma returns with Satya 2. This time around, he has once made a film that is nowhere in comparison to his films during the early phase of his career.

For the past few years, he has been basking in the glory of his earlier success and has attempted making films that the audience could not relate to.
In fact, some of his films have been nothing short of torture for the viewer.
Yet, Varma continues with his ‘style’ wherein he has thrown to the wind all the sense and sensibilities of film-making.
Like some of his best-to-be-forgotten films, his attitude seems to be remain the same – ‘I will make what I wish, watch it if you want, else it’s your choice’. Till he makes films with such a mindset and tries to cash in on his past, he is bound to lose his audience along the way!

Satya lands in Hyderabad from a remote village. Once in the city, he makes use of his criminal ideas and gets into the good books of some wealthy businessmen. After working for them for a while, he starts his own ‘company’.
He targets one minister, police officer and a media baron and kills them. He also makes sure that he instills fear in the minds of people through his company. In the process, he earns enormous wealth.
Rattled by his acts, the police department launches an inquiry to figure out the name behind the company. The rest of the story shows why Satya becomes and underworld don and where it takes him.

Artistes’ performances:
Sharwanand plays an out and out serious character. Barring a couple of scenes, where he attempts to smile, he more or less sails through with one monotonous expression.
As for the female protagonist Anaika, little said the better. She almost puts the audience through trauma with her acting skills. An attempt has been made to show her as a cute little girl, but it backfired and the audience is relieved when she is not on screen. Must say, she has two left feet and her dance numbers are a total flop show. But she manages to bare her flesh in one song and barring that one does not see her need in the film. In fact, the girl who plays the hero’s friend’s girlfriend – Aaradhana – is more tolerable than Anaika.
Mahesh Thakur tries to put in a casual performance, but ends up overacting.
As for the rest of the cast, they try to put in adequate performances.

Technical Team:
Though the film’s plot does not provide any scope for songs, Varma has pushed in some songs to add the glamour element to an otherwise dark film. 
In fact, the film can be said to be a typical example of the falling standards of a Ram Gopal Varma film. 

Another area that really disappoints is editing. Most of the scenes are just stuck one after the other with no continuity. 
Cinematography is alright and in keeping with the film’s requirement.
If one looks at RGV’s filmography, it is obvious that he has done brilliant films during the ‘90s. So, looks like there is nothing left in him to showcase. Or it could be just that he is no longer interested in doing what he does. 
Whatever be the reason, he seems to be sincerely trying to make bad films that will wipe out his name from the history of Indian Cinema. But he seems to be quite lucky and people still hope that he will bounce back. And many feel he has it in him to make a beautiful film. But Varma himself seems to be averse to the idea of putting to use his skills for which he is still respected and loved.

  • Technical Values
  • First Half
  • Climax
“History teaches us that we have totally wipe out what is old to make way for something new to emerge” – this is a dialogue from the climax of Satya 2. 
Even as wonders why Varma bothered to make Satya 2, this dialogue more or less answers that question. 
He seems to be hell bent on wiping out traces of all his earlier films before he comes up with something new and refreshing.
Little wonder that he made Siva 2006 as a sequel to Siva and now comes Satya 2. 

Since he has made awesome films in the past, the audience has very high expectations from him. So, he seems to be going that extra mile to make sure that the audience forgets them so that there would be no more comparisons in future. 

How else can one explain the relevance of making Satya 2? The film is primarily the story of a guy who makes crime his business. It is a track that was dealt with by Puri Jagannadh in Businessman. Looks like Varma wanted to show it more realistically, in his inimitable style.
It’s one thing to have a basic idea and another to transform that idea into a film. 

For the past few years, Varma has been trying to make movies out of a wafer-thin story line that crops up in his mind. 
The film has no logic whatsoever in the scenes before the interval. 
Till the time the hero starts his company, the story meanders to nowhere. It is best if one stops looking for logic here.

The hero kills people as easily as he would drink water. But towards the end of first half, the film picks up pace and one has hopes for the second half.
But looks like Varma did not know how to take the story forward from here. 
He seems to be clueless about the activities of the company and Satya. So, Varma uses investigation drama to kill time. 

Though the hero’s character is that of a criminal mastermind, one does not tend to develop any affection or admiration towards Satya. 
After watching Satya 2, one can clearly make out what made Satya a cult film. Unlike the earlier Satya, where the audience could relate to his circumstances and nature, here, the hero is a mere cardboard character which you have a difficulty in relating to.

Before the film’s release, the film’s teaser was released. And what he showed in promos is the story of Satya 2 in short. 
The actual film does not have anything more to say. 
If you want to watch a Varma film, then rent out a DVD of Satya. But if you venture into a multiplex to watch it, be warned you may come out losing the respect and adoration you once had for Ram Gopal Varma!

Bottomline: Siva 2-006, now it’s Satya 2-103!!