He Wants Rajamouli But Not Trivikram

If one has to go by statistics then it must be said that the number one director in Tollywood is S S Rajamouli and the second place goes to Trivikram Srinivas. 

So, it is natural for many star heroes and aspiring star heroes to work with these two directors. 
Now, it looks like even Akkineni Akhil is also part of that club.

Recently a talk came about Akhil’s debut with Trivikram but the budding lad clarified on his Twitter account that it was not true. 

However, inside talk is that though the option was there, Akhil is more interested to work with Rajamouli than Trivikram. 

Some are saying there could be a reason behind this decision.

Apparently, Trivikram is more a family oriented filmmaker and has good reach in urban centers whereas Rajamouli strikes the chord with the hardcore masses. 

For any actor in Tollywood, reaching the masses has been their main step to stardom so maybe Akhil is also thinking on those lines.