Kajal open heart secrets

Generally heroines are very careful when it comes to their personal life and keep it private. Even in front of media and public they tend to put a veiled approach without revealing their true self. But there are also times when they open up and that is the best time for everyone to make note.

Such is the case with Kajal Agarwal who got to share her thoughts recently. Kajal reportedly stated that she has got a lot of respect for south Indian people and that is what made her learn Telugu and Tamil languages. She is originally from Mumbai and is a Punjabi girl but now she considers herself almost a south Indian. Kajal reportedly added that having spent eight years in the industry she knows how things work.

At the same time, she reportedly stated that she is a very fun loving girl on the sets and most of the jokes she does with her co-actors or unit members are very harmless and enjoyable. Kajal also has a dream role and she is eager to do the role of Anarkali in ‘Mughal-E-Azam’. She is also interested to take up some action oriented roles. Very soon Kajal will get busy because her sister Nisha Agarwal is getting married in December.