Tamil Hero Gets Shock In Tollywood

Tollywood has been the red carpet for actors of other industries and it is mostly the girls from Mumbai who made a feast by working here. 

Among the male actors, it has been the Tamil heroes who established their presence in Tollywood with strong fan base. 

Notable among them are Suriya, Karthi, Vikram and others.

However, in the last few years things have not been that favorable for the Tamil Thambis in Tollywood. And one actor who has been doing his best to enter Telugu is Simbu. 

He came to Tollywood to rock and show his mettle but even after singing songs no one really cared for him and gave him that space.

Simbu sang for films like ‘Baadshah’ ‘Backbench Student’ ‘Potugadu’ and many in Chennai expected he would make a straight debut too. But nothing has worked out. 

For now, Simbu remains in Telugu headlines only for his relationship with Hansika and not for his films because even his dubbed flicks ended up as duds here.