'Paisa' To Decide Nani's Future Money

Among the current generation B-section heroes, the name of Nani has come out strongly. 

After his movie ‘Ala Modalaindi’ he got flooded with offers but Nani was careful in selecting them. Though he did some critically acclaimed movies like ‘Pilla Zamindar’ ‘Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu’ commercial success was not there.

For any hero to increase his market value, the commercial success is important. 

In that aspect, it is now being said that Nani’s future money will be dependent on the film ‘Paisa’. 

Directed by Krishna Vamsi, the industry talk is that content wise it will become a sensation and discussion topic.

But more than that, what Nani needs right now is a hit at the box office because that is going to determine his demand among buyers and create market for his future films. 

These days many heroes have shown superb starts but none has shown consistency. 

Let us hope ‘Paisa’ brings that to Nani.